Today I would like to post about my daughter, Zahli. We are both home sick today and looking back through my baby blog posts about William I feel it is only fair she gets a proper introduction!

Introducing Zahli Rose Kee, born 1st July 2015! She is a fearless diva who loves animals and her big brother, William.


Always up for adventure and ready to explore. We recently celebrated her 2nd birthday attending the Wiggles concert with her cousins at Coffs Harbour. She loves Emma Wiggle! Later that week we partied in Newcastle with more friends and family time! Thank you to everyone who loves and cares for Zahli Rose!


Words cannot describe how great it is to have Zahli in our lives. Morning cuddles, adventures, stories, teddy hunts, meal times- she loves her food, chasing our dog (Muscles) dressing up, “Troopy time” (and Troopy “spotto”), bath time, sleepovers at oma and opas house, playing with her friends at preschool and exploring outside at the beach and home.

My biggest challenge so far is trying to work out how to do her hair! How do dads do it?? Something I’ll have to get good at now! Anyone have any tips?

Raising a girl is something that excites and terrifies me at the same time. Can other dad’s relate to that?

One of the scariest moments we had with Zahli happened on my watch while exploring the top of North Brother mountain in June 2016. Zahli was just at the stage of pulling herself to a standing position on things but still wobbly on her feet and not taking many steps. Due to this I had carried her the way along the rain forest trail while also helping William to navigate the steep steps and tangled tree roots. When we stopped at the lookout I put Zahli down next to the bench seat. She smiled at me then slipped forward bumping her face on the bench and I quickly caught her before she fell any further. “Bugger,” I thought, “She will have a bump on her forehead only a week before her first birthday”. However as she looked up at me this time I began to realise the full extent of her innocuous bump. She was not smiling and blood covered her mouth and face. She had fallen and dislodged her front left tooth. The tooth was bent horribly forward and now immovable. 600m from the car and 39km from Port Macquarie Base Hospital I started to panic but managed to get Zahli and William up to the car and call the ambulance. Luckily for Zahli there was a retired nurse visiting the top lookout who came to assist and we used items from our first aid kit and baby bag to stop the bleeding and calm Zahli down. The ambulance arrived and after inspecting said it would be safer for her to travel in our car inside her car seat and they called ahead to the hospital to let them know we were on our way. Now to the scary bit- calling my wife! jokes. Alana was distressed but ok and we managed to juggle care for William (thanks Dolly!) and meet at the emergency room. Zahli was a right royal legend. She quickly seemed to forget that she had any form of injury and didn’t know what all the fuss was about. Despite this the doctors agreed that the tooth needed to be removed so we watched and waited anxiously as Zahli was sedated and the tooth removed. It was confronting watching the procedure and providing care for her in the aftermath but we can only be grateful for the amazing care she received from all involved. Zahli recovered well (including being able to breast feed) and posed proudly with her toothy grin for her first birthday (and will continue to until her adult teeth grow! 😦

From scary to hilarious Zahli keeps us laughing daily with her vibrant sense of humour, love of dancing and her compassion towards our dog, Muscles, and her teddys. A few nights ago Zahli insisted that Alana change the words of “Old MacDonald has a farm” to “Old Mc-Zahli has a farm!”. EI-EI-O! You would be pleased to know that it didn’t stop there as “Old McZahli” has a teddy bear (with a cuddle, cuddle here), an Emma (wiggle, wiggle, there) and her “pig tails” (swish, swish) on her farm. Nice work Zahli!

Zahli we all love you and hope you get better soon!


Lots of love, mum, dad, William, Muscles and the rest of your family and friends! xxx