It all started as a dream… to own a Troopy! And now it is a reality!

Many years ago a romance began. I fell in love with the idea of owning a troopy around the same time I started surfboat rowing (circa 2003). My coach at the time, legendary supersweep Wayne Gill from Wauchope-Bonny Hills SLSC had a troopy and would pick us up for training and take us off to rowing carnivals. It was the best. Four young blokes and their sweep all loaded up with swags, eskies and surfboat trailer on the back, headed up and down the beautiful North Coast of NSW to row, party and camp out under the stars. Great times and amazing memories!


My first ever rowing session Gilly picked me up in the troopy after a very big night at the mighty Beechwood hotel where I had agreed to give surfboats a crack. I had to admit to him heading out to the beach that in fact i had never rowed a surfboat before. In true Gilly style he said, “No problem, you’ll pick it up on the way out”. As we arrived at Rainbow Beach, Bonny Hills that glorious Sunday morning the sun shone and the waves rolled in. After some brief instruction, “stick that end (the oar blade) in the water and stay in time with the bloke in front of ya” and with my heart in my mouth we made our way out through the surf. I fell in love with rowing that day- fantastic sport- sun, surf and mateship! “SENSATIONAL!”


My grandparents had a Toyota Landcruiser and I still have very strong memories of heading off on four-wheel drive and camping adventures with them as a young kid. Talking on the radio to other cars in the convoy, watching rigs drive and winch up some amazing tracks and camping out. I remember visiting the Victorian High Country and stopping at Craigies Hut. We have a beautiful country!

But it was Gilly’s troopy that stood out and set my future course. Something about its rugged, go-anywhere, no-fuss (or frills) nature.

When Alana and I started dating she commented, “gosh you love Troopies, don’t you!” “Why do you say that?” I asked. “Because every time we drive past one you call out “TROOOOPY” Alana said. “Well they are pretty cool” I said. Several months later Alana said, “you know what if we ever get married, I’ll buy you a Troopy”….. (wow, she must be serious I thought) So we got married and several years (and several serious discussions about the suitability of a Troopy as a family car) she bought me the Troopy earlier this year. What an awesome wife. The rest is history! And now our Troopy travels have begun…