It is three years since my last blog post! I’ve got some catching up to do! 

  • Firstly a name change- in line with our 2017 home declutter and simplification the blog is now simply “ChildcareDad!”
  • Im no longer Crossfitting- the obsession is over but the learning remains. I am still a passionate fan of sport, athletics and functional strength, health and fitness! “Run, Row, Lift, Throw and Eat Well!”
  • I am still rowing surfboats, something I have enjoyed since 2003- a thrilling and soul nourishing past time and summer sport i dont think I will ever get tired of- I’m hooked!
  • I am still working in childcare- my career has evolved with quite a few changes over the past few years including a stint as a director in an “off-the-floor” role and now back “on-the-floor” in a great centre. I am just as excited and passionate about early childhood education as ever!
  • Most importantly my role as a dad has grown! William is now 4 years old and has been joined by Zahli who turned 2 last weekend! My amazing wife, Alana, and I cherish and survive each day grateful to be parents to two beautiful children who join “Muscles” our jack russel dog and the latest edition to our family- a Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier! (Also known as the “Troopy” or the “Big Boppa” by William).

So here we are! Over the next few weeks my goal to start sharing my thoughts and posing some questions for all the educators, parents and families I know. TEN POSTS IN TEN WEEKS! If you have any interesting questions or topics you would like me to explore please let me know otherwise my big passions in early childhood at the moment are outdoor learning, nature play and exploring the importance of time and space in children’s development (aka. “Its ok to be bored sometimes!”)
Watch this space!