The past 4 weeks has been an awesome learning experience for my wife and I. Bringing William firstly into the world and then home has provided plenty of challenge and conversation. We have both heard and discussed lots of childcare and parental advice. We both follow the attitude that it is good to listen but we make up our own minds on how to do things at home. Our family and friends have been very supportive.

But now we are home we realise that it is now us as parents that are responsible for making important decisions for raising William and their consequences! This seems difficult when we consider that neither of us has previously raised a child before. Instincts and ten years of childcare provide a good base but where do we go from here?

So far we are very stoked and confident with how everything has gone. Alana has a fantastic attitude to raising William and has been very relaxed and happy throughout most of the pregnancy. William in turn has been a happy and relaxed little baby.

His latest weigh-in has him at 3.92kg. He has put on 1kg since he left the hospital. According to the community health nurse William has been growing at twice the average growth rate for the past few weeks. What a champion. This has been great for Alana as she has had many questions about how much to feed him especially about how to know whether he has had enough to eat. Obviously he is getting enough!

This brings me to the topic of my post. Many people have experiences having and raising children. All children are different. But I have heard some awesome and fantastic and very practical advice so far. Alana and I are fairly relaxed towards most things. I have an obsessive need to research things I am interested in sometimes (pregnancy and childbirth not included) but even Alana during pregnancy was fairly cruisy. So for some people these may be well known facts but for us they were awesome!

For example;


After a few days at home William began to develop an irritated right eye. I thought it looked like conjunctivitis but it only appeared in one eye. We thought it could be a blocked tear duct. Alana’s mum suggested treating it with breast milk. This worked wonders and cleared it up very quickly. Nice work mum!

William also developed a slight nappy rash that was subsequently enflamed by powders and creams. A family friend suggested paw paw cream (for everything). This worked very quickly too.

We are stoked to receive advice that is practical and ‘natural’.

So the next question is…

Do you have any helpful natural home remedies or experiences that you would like to share for us to add to our home remedy book???

Please share below!

PS. Our families have a running wager on how heavy William will be on his original ‘due date’ (Friday, May 17)