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Tony blog post #5- 1.04.13

For those of you that would love some baby news, Alana is now 33 weeks and 3 days into her pregnancy.

Baby has been growing well and we have some awesome ultrasound pictures along with a very cute video of baby yawning in the womb.

Our family’s are very excited and have been helping us prepare for the arrival of our first child. My awesome parents-in-law have been busy haggling out deals on e-bay and have collected a room full of baby clothes, prams, car seats and capsules! My family have been very supportive (as you would expect from a family of childcare workers) and my sister, Kathryn has donated her beautiful cot and change table for us (I think that means she’s hung up the baby boots for a while, but I’m not sure!). Today we have been busy sorting and arranging our nursery.

We are both very excited to welcome our new baby to the world and it seems that the little one will be here sooner than we expected!

About 3 weeks ago we were called into the obstetricians’ office to get some blood test results back. Everything was fine but Alana had been feeling ‘itchy’ all over. The doctor sat us down and told us that Alana has a rare condition called ‘cholestasis’ which has been brought on by her pregnancy. This means that her liver is not functioning properly and her bile acid levels are too high. This was causing her itchiness. Mum and bub are ok but we have been warned that this condition has been linked with an increased risk of babies dying in later stages of pregnancy with doctors unsure why. To be safe the doctor has told us that Alana will be induced at around 37 weeks. At 37 weeks the baby is apparently ‘fully cooked’ and ready to go. Alana has been prescribed some drugs to help ease the itching and some herbs from the naturopath to help with general liver function and has been researching and adjusting her diet to help ease her livers’ workload. She also has to go to the hospital twice a week for blood tests and CTG to measure baby’s heart beat, etc. Already in the past two weeks doctors have noticed improvements in Alana’s liver function and bile acid level tests and we hope for this to continue towards more ‘normal’ levels over the next four weeks.

So baby’s coming early! We don’t know whether it is a boy or a girl but we look forward to meeting and holding our bub in late April instead of mid May! This experience reminds us that you cannot plan everything and sometimes things don’t always go the way we like. We are humbled by this experience and we will be vigilant to ensure a happy and healthy delivery. Our hearts go out to parents and families that experience any sort of pain, injury or disease with their children. Children are a very special part of all our lives but some couples and families seem to have to cope with incredible adversity.

For example educators at the centre I work at have been working hard to raise money for a child in our care that has a very rare and life threatening disease. We have been working to raise money for the child’s family and we continue to be amazed at the level of generosity within our local community. Last week the local newspaper ran an article that resulted in an anonymous caller donating a very large sum of money. Check out the article here: and help us to make this families life better by easing some of the financial pressure they are experiencing in treatments. Our fundraising site can be viewed here:
Please help by donating or sharing my these links!

Children are very important and we work hard to provide social and physical environments for children to grow up safely and to enjoy the world around them. Thank you to all the friends and family that provide us with love and support.

As a side note my ten week countdown blog has been reduced to seven weeks! I aim to continue to write posts over the following weeks. It is a process I am really really really enjoying and the energy it has generated has been amazing. Thank you to everyone who has viewed and shared my blog! Keep up the great work and continue to share and provide feedback!

PS. Thank you to my beautiful wife Alana for helping me write and edit this post and for being so amazing!